Take your calisthenics to the next level with Printed Progression Poster


Easily see where you are and where you are going, design your own workout and track your progress to keep motivated - all on one page

What our customers say? 

The progression chart is the KILLER!

"I wouldn't consider myself a beginner other than the fact that I've never focused completely on Calisthenics. Your book and the chart gave me the knowledge I needed to succeed with bodyweight. The progression chart with pictures and descriptions of a plethora of bodyweight exercises in order of progressions enabled me to create my own workouts based on my own abilities".Rob Klein


Become more consistent and smarter, become a beast!

Order BWTA Progression Poster so you can easily follow your workout routine, track your progress and cross over the stages you already went through.

We will print it on a museum-quality posters made on a thick, durable, matte paper will look great in your room. 

Pick the size you want and add shipping and it will be with you within days. 

If you are after any other sizes or there is something else you are looking for just email me at jeff@bodyweighttrainingarena.com

To your success! Stay Strong!


Why the poster? 

The biggest challenges I keep on hearing from readers in emails and comments are about
1. designing a workout which fits your needs, and just as important
2. keeping motivated to consistently workout 
to reach your goals.

We all know consistency is king and this is especially true with calisthenics.

This incredible resource was designed to not only solve this problem but to take your fitness to the next level by giving you a visual guidance on where you are in your calisthenics journey.

Know where you are and where are you going 
You can conveniently see where you are going and keep track of your progress so you can constantly get better and better every single day.

Breakdown of your workout in one place
We also created this poster to give you an easy breakdown of your workout routine. It includes the detailed progression for your workout routine, no matter where you’re starting out. Beginning with a warm up, skill work follows with strength work last but not least. Building your calisthenic lifestyle will include  a number of exercise variations including pushing and pulling, core and leg exercises and finishing it all up with optional conditioning, stretching and cool down.

 Sets & reps according to your goal 
The resource will also give you a guideline on a number of sets and reps you should be doing which you can track daily right next to each exercise. Doing so makes it easy to design a workout perfectly fitting your goals whether that's fat loss, building strength or muscle mass.

Track your progress and keep on pushing 
Each exercise you dominate can be marked as done, right on the poster, which gives you a great visual way to see where you are on your journey but all the more enables you to see the progress you are making and motivates you to keep pushing.

Our folks love it and I am sure you will love it too.

It's an incredible resource which together with all the information in the book will put you right on track to build inhuman strength, lose fat and build muscle with progressive calisthenics.