LIFETIME ACCESS TO Calisthenics Academy


We are excited to offer access to the world's first calisthenics platform
- Your gateway to insane strength gains, a gymnast’s body and advanced calisthenics movements.
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Since a release of our book we have listened carefully to your feedback, needs, struggles and calisthenics wins.

With the help and inspiration from our 4000+ students so far, we set ourselves on a journey to take every single one of you to the next level, making failure impossible, and having fun while doing it all.  To build the world's best platform for anyone to get started and keep on going with calisthenics. 
We learnt exactly what makes a successful calisthenics program and what are the necessary elements that will guarantee our students’ success.

And that’s how The Calisthenics Academy was born.
Calisthenics Fundamentals Course is the the only course that:

1. CREATES A PERSONALISED WORKOUT based on athletes assessment - and not just a generic level like beginner/ intermediate - it determines EXACTLY WHERE You are on progressions and creates your  VERY OWN PATH to follow. 

2. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS INSIDE OUR WEB APP and adjust sets and reps based on your feedback for safe and most optimal progress path
Just Imagine:
3. VISUALISE YOUR PROGRESS so you can see where you are and how far to go.

Having Clarity & Tracking your Progress Automatically
  • No more confusion on what to do, how many sets and reps and annoying workout adjustments because you need to progress. 
  • Step-by-step plan with daily and weekly workout schedules mapped out for you. Not a fad or quick solution but months long journey where every day will push you further. 
  • Clear directions on how to perform each exercise, what to focus on, and what to watch out for. 

Staying Consistent, motivated and pushing every day
  • Seeing your progress in a visual way so you know how far you have come and where you are going
  • A system proven by thousands of students who get real results just like you will if you stick with it 
  • A community of committed athletes always there to support you, push you and keep you accountable 
  • Weekly Check-ins on your progress so you never fell off the wagon 

Learning from those who have been there
  • A regular Q&A with experienced trainers 
  • Exclusive Interviews so you can model after the best ones in the world 
Following a system that gets results
  • Proven, safe and effective progressions which include all the elements of effective training schedules: mobility, balance, flexibility and skill work 
  • Additional bonuses eg Guide to building grip strength, wrist mobiity, stretches and additional shoulder mobility drills 

3. VISUALISE YOUR PROGRESS so you can see where you are and how far to go.