Handbalancing Parallets



If you want to protect your wrists and safely train your handstand, parallets will be good for you.

Calisthenics is all about bodyweight training with minimum equipment, but parallets should be added to the roster to prevent your wrists from an overuse injury.

Many beginners want to train their handstands, but fail to remember that, even if the muscle might be there in the rest of the body, the wrists aren’t used to carrying your entire bodyweight. And when you’re just getting started, they’re usually not ready to. Wrists wear out easily and can be the main issue in making progress on your handstand.

This is where the use of basic, 2-bar parallets comes in handy. They allow you to practice your hand-balancing while protecting your wrists from injury. They have a diversity of benefits:

  1. Prolong your training. You can practice handbalancing on the ground until you start experiencing wrist fatigue, then switch to using the parallets for the rest of your training session.
  2. Prevent overuse injury. Hands and wrists aren’t naturally equipped to carry our entire bodyweight. If you don’t train them properly, they’ll quickly develop overuse injuries that take a lot of time to heal. As a beginner, parallets will help you train properly without putting too much stress into your hands and wrists.
  3. Add an extra step to your progressions. Is working on the floor too hard right off the bat? Try training with parallets as an extra step to working on the ground. 
  4. Practice moves you can’t do on the ground. Can’t do an L-sit on the ground because, well, you just can’t yet? Start on parallets! They take you off the ground enough for you to get started.

Basic pair of parallets features:

Weight: 2.5kg

Height: 6cm to the bar, 9.5cm full height.

Length: 40 cm

Material: wood, polished to perfection for your hands.

Price: 40$


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