Roller Bloc Trainer - The Ultimate Core Stability Trainer


Challenge & Refine your Handstand Control

If you want to improve your handstand level this stuff is what you definitely need!!!

Also can be used for wrist pumping, or like equiliblium stable podium with cube.

Only few seconds to assemble and disassemble!


When to use them

  • Training for hand to hand
  • Training for one arm
  • Playing on the unstable surface has increased my body tension awareness. I think that creating that awareness has really helped me in my regular HS work. I agree that the unstable work has not helped with my regular HS form but having better body tension awareness in the HS has helped me expand my straddle HS and bent knee HS movements.
  • As for carryover, the more strength and awareness you build in the position, the easier it will be for you to change from one to another. Im not surprised you increased your time after working on rings. However, like mentioned here, the balance is different and does not neccesarily carry over. Rings is also different due to the bicep pressure.